If Your Radiator Stops Working, Then So Does Your Car

Your car’s radiator has one job- to cool the engine down.

An engine can run at temperatures exceeding two and a half thousand degrees, and at this heat the metal can literally melt and weld itself together. If this happens, your car is going nowhere, and you’re in for a hefty repair bill.

A car’s radiator works by cooling a mixture of anti-freeze and water that runs through the engine. Over time this concoction can become a sludge, bogged down by particulates that get into the engine such as little stones or bugs. A radiator flush helps clean out the dirt and grime, allowing the radiator to do its job and stop your engine from overheating.

The metal of the radiator itself comes under stress from constant heating and cooling, and over time this causes damage. A check-up is the best way to keep an eye on your radiator, ensuring that it’s working at peak efficiency and isn’t showing signs of cracking.

Give Rangiora Mazda a call today and let us check your radiator for warning signs, or give it a flush.

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